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Chapman Elementary School9

Portland, OR | Multnomah County

January 25, 2015

I came here for my second year of Kindergarten in special ed. The teacher was and the paraeducators were great. The teacher was hilarious and she had classroom pets. The learning activities were fun and the school has really good art. The school building looks amazing and vintage, especially the front of the school. I also enjoyed the open houses and arts programs.

October 13, 2014

I have two sons attending Chapman and they have had a wonderful experience here. The teachers are attentive, involved and sincerely care about the students. My experience with the Principal has been very warm and compassionate, as well. Ms. Brand in the Special Education Department has made an incredible difference in one of my son's learning experience. Great community involvement and parent volunteers. One cannot talk about Chapman without mentioning the Swifts that roost in the chimney every fall, which is just an added little bonus!

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October 6, 2013

It is a wonderful school, where parents and school work together and so many activities, field trips, events going on throughout the school year that help strengthen the community.

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September 29, 2013

Chapman Elementary School Portland, Oregon Just the fact that my grandson couldn't wait to go back to school this fall says volumes about the quality of education at Chapman Elementary School in Portland, Oregon! He was hoping he would be assigned to a 2nd grade class in a portable classroom. He got his wish, which was an added plus! Chapman invites all of the students Grandparents to visit Chapman for Grandparents Day every fall. It is held on Halloween; complete with a fabulous all school and staff Halloween Parade along with a classroom visitation after the parade!

September 19, 2012

Chapman is unique in its secluded area and history. Chapman has had budget cuts just like every other public school in the country and it shows in the faces of the teachers. Safety is the biggest issue I have seen during school hours. The grounds are open and the younger children are not being supervised properly. Over 200 children are on the playground after lunch. Teachers were stretched too thin to tend to every bump, bruise and scrap. Lunch - like many public school lunches - are not cooked in kitchen. Lunch is transported to the school and warmed on site. Children are offered Smuckers Uncrustables as the cold option. They have 20 minutes to eat. This school is beautiful and highly spoken of by staff and parents but needs serious attention to detail before someone gets seriously hurt or lost.

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September 29, 2011

I went to school here in 5th too. I loved it. The music part had a huge impact on my life. Mr. Clark the music teacher at that time, was the best teacher ever. He let us be in musicals without auditioning and told me once that I sang with a lot of passion in my voice. Even though I was in 5th grade, that made me feel good as a kid. Which is what all teachers should be doing. Everyone there was friendly to me and I had a great time. Bottom line: Send your kids here.

August 12, 2010

I went to this school in 5th grade and LOVED IT. (I'm in 8th now) the parents were really involved and the teachers knew what they were doing. It was a very small school with a big heart, I also enjoyed there music class/program very much. We even got to be in musicals no matter if you auditioned for a part or not. You always had one! Definitely send your son/daughter there.

December 4, 2005

Chapman is an excellent school and the community supports it whole-heartedly. Parents volunteer, there is a very active PTA, and there is a foundation that works hard raising additional funds. The building has a warm inviting feel. The principal (since 2004) is a skilled leader and works tirelessly with the talented teachers to improve an already excellent educational environment. The music (two performances annually), PE and library programs are very popular with the students. Also well attended are the after school math clubs, drawing and language programs. There is a lunch time walking program for additional fitness, an Artists in Residence program (and annual Art Ball), annual Science Day (with many visitors and local scientists), and OMSI does multliple presentations each year for the students. There is a long list of other activities, but the one that pulls everyone together is the weekly 'Round Up' where all students gather on Friday mornings.

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August 29, 2005

Chapman is a great school. The parents are very involved. The new principal is excellant and very inspiring. The teachers are wonderful. They put in many extra hours to add richness to the school experience. There is a big focus on arts with two big school musical productions each year, an art ball, and art projects for the school auction.

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