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Grant High School7

Portland, OR | Multnomah County

September 20, 2014

This school a disaster. There are only 8 AP classes, no electives for Freshmen and few engaging classes. The last two principals have cut programs and driven out good teachers. This school was a nightmare for me. Although not special ed, I had asperger's syndrome. I was bullied and the administration did nothing. I had to go work it out myself. After two years, I had had enough and I transferred out, which took three weeks. This school is only good if you are in JMP or ACESS since they are magnet programs with some extra programs. Contrary to the review bellow, this is not a good school for college bound middle class white students-many have fled to privet school, and a few have used false addresses to go to Cleveland or Lincoln. What I find pretty ironic is the principal cut AP classes in the name of helping lower performing students, yet special ed is also cut here. Things are clearly not working yet the district and school administration continue on the same path.

June 17, 2014

My children attended this school. It was dreadful for both of them. Most of the teachers (with a few notable and admirable exceptions) passed my older child with "A"s rather than actually requiring her to learn anything. She was in the National Honor Society, but was not able to actually pass a community college placement exam. Wow. My younger child was bullied by a teacher - to the point of coming home crying on multiple days. (I was informed by the principal that it was my disabled child's fault, and that none of the bullying ever happened.) Grant never offered any basic math courses the entire time my children were there, which I'm pretty sure isn't legal. We finally decided it was cheaper to move than to sue the school district. I think we weren't the only ones with issues. My husband overheard some teachers trashing a parent with a special needs kid, and saying things like "It's not our fault the kid is stupid." Not a great orientation toward teaching. If your kid is middle-class, college-bound white bread with absolutely no challenges of any kind, this might be an okay school for you. If not - leave Portland... now.

Submitted by a parent

March 10, 2010

Totally awesome! My kids love this school, and I went there when I was a teen myself.

Submitted by a parent

October 3, 2009

This school has great kids, dedicated teachers, caring parents and a great attitude!

Submitted by a parent

September 16, 2009

Grant boasts a highly dedicated principal, with exceptional teachers and councelors. It includes a great deal of diversity within its' student body, while exhibiting a superb level of cooperation, support, and spirit.

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September 15, 2009

Constitution team rocks - this school is warm and frinedly without losing academics

March 3, 2008

I'm a sophomore at Grant and I absolutely love it! The teachers are really great, and the other students are diverse and open minded. Great experience. Great school.

Submitted by a student

October 22, 2006

I go to Grant and I love it there all of the teachers rock and they teach at college level. The art and music programs are really good and they have funding. We also have choir and photography for those who are interseted in those types of things. There are lots of sports and all of the coaches are good. We get lots of parents help with the extra curricular activities such as with the play we have parents help with the sets and to sell things to help make money for our theater program and the auditoriums restoration. With the sports the parents bring food and drinks. People time and keep score. All together this school has amazing teacher, helpfull parents, good extracurricular activities and an amazing student body when we are needed.

Submitted by a student

April 28, 2006

i agree, GHS is he best school i've ever seen. The great staff, you can always find some person that you could relate to.

Submitted by a student

August 22, 2003

All I really have to say about grant is that it is a good school, because not only do we have good teachers, classes and sports but there are good students that attend grant! I really do love the diversity of grant and it is so easy to make new friends.

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